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Grandma and I looking through old photos of her kids, husband, dog, and grandkids. She remembers us all better when she’s looking at old photos of us. As Alzheimer’s continues to eat away at her memories leaving her with just a few old memories left.

When you have a loved one with Alzheimer’s disease or dementia, you start to know them as two separate people. Who they were before the disease and who they were after it. It helps to do this to be able to process it all and to try to not get so emotional over the years as Alzheimer’s robs their personality, abilities, and memories from them.

Grandma, for me, is someone who has taught me so much throughout my whole life both before and after her Alzheimer’s progressed. Let me first tell you who she was before she had Alzheimer’s disease…


I’ve spent over 11 years working with some of our country’s most forgotten-about populations that need help from prisoners to rape survivors to Native Americans

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